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Below are links directing you to websites to better your understanding of the Sheetmetal Industry, theSheetmetal manufacturing and engineering Trade, and information on VET (Vocational Education and Training)

Description Website
Government Website Containing links to trade and Industry Specific Information essential for people interested in apprenticeships, and learning more about particular trades
Government Website containing industry information on the Sheetmetal Industry as well as various trade and career information on a variety of Jobs.
Australian Government Department of Education, Science & Training
Career information, and career information services
Australian State and Territory Governments
Information on various Industries, Job Types, and Training required for a diverse range of jobs and industries including Sheetmetal Engineering and the Sheetmetal Industry
Training, Qualifications required, rules and assessment guidelines, competency standards units.
A List and description of possible careers in the Sheetmetal Industry including roles such as Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Fabrication, Surface Finishing


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