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The Sheetmetal Industry encompasses the supply of sheetmetal and also the manufacture of items from sheetmetal. Value-chain partnerships between suppliers and manufacturers is paramount to the success of the industry. Sheetmetal components are fabricated from carbon and stainless steel, as well as aluminium, brass and copper sheet. Components manufactured range from small items to larger commercial and industrial products.

The sheetmetal manufacturing industry has advanced rapidly over the past twenty years. With the evolution of smart technology and automation in all facets of this exciting industry, the challenges for industry participants and educators have become significant.

Flexible manufacturing techniques offered by manufacturers enable them to service industries such as aerospace, telecommunications, gaming, hospitality, electronics, air conditioning, electrical, lighting and medical. Computer Numerically Controlled services include punching, laser cutting, folding and robot welding as well as high end technologies for spot welding, design engineering, mechanical assembly, computer aided design and 3D modelling, powder coating and any type of metal finishing.
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